Alan Sheers

Winter Sunrise

Looking through old images to decide on this year's Christmas cards! An old fave of mine revisited to make a bit more moody. I hope you like it.


An Autumn sunset

Morning Fire

A sunrise image given a little PS saturation!


Following a tutorial in a magazine.

In Formation

This little fella was buzzing around the garden yesterday, I took a few images and blended them together for a little fun on a Friday :)

On An Island

Having a reflection week

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Another sunrise image from yesterday. Today is back to normal misty and wet :)

Time Passages

Tarn Hows - again :)

Winter Wonderland

This may look familiar to my buddies, but it was taken this morning on my usual dog walk, hence the familiarity. It was a lovely morning and I hope I did it justice! Processed in Lightroom.

Electric Owl

An owl given a little Fractalius treatment.

Summer Daze

Taken on a lovely Summer's Evening in Devon

Rydal Water

Apologies for putting another image of Rydal water up, but on looking back through my images I found this one which had more of the path going around the lake. The original wasn't as good a quality as the other one but after a bit of TLC in PS I hope you like it.

Lake of Mystery

Back to Tarn Hows in the Lake District, this time in Mono.

Forbidden Forest

Having some fun with orbs and blurry trees :) don't have nightmares.

Evening Reflections

I haven't done a reflection for a while.

Moody Sunset

A couple of fave trees of mine.


A dahlia given some fractal magic


Taken late one evening, I was hoping for a sunset which didn't happen.

Light My Fire

A dahlia given a little Fractal treatment.

Thurlestone Moonlight

Taken close to midnight during a holiday in Devon.

Moonlight Sonata

One of my most "worked" images.

Misty Morning Sunrise

Taken one cold January morning, on a dog walk as usual.

Autumn Leaves

Trying out Silver Efex. Thanks to Richard Bland for the inspiration!


These erupted from my neighbour's drive. A little more experimenting with Silver Efex.


A leaf covered in dew drops, can't decide between this one and "Autumn Leaves" for a club competition entry on Wednesday!


A trip out with my neighbour, an avid bird photographer - thanks for the trip out Barry and letting me borrow your lenses! PS his images will be miles better than mine!

If You Go Down to the Woods Today - In Autumn!

A different take on an earlier image.

Retired Crane

An old crane, put out to grass in a local field, processed with Silver Efex

Web of Dew

A spider's web covered in dew drops/

Summer Sunshine

A dahlia given some Fractalius treatment

Firey Sunset

A very firey autumn sunset

Poinsettia Drops

To put you all in the christmas spirit!

Winter Sunrise

Glowing Bulb

A tulip gicen a little Fractalius treatment


I'm not sure what sort of flower it was but it lended itself well to a little Fractal treatment!

The Beauty of Nature

A leaf covered in frost, taken with my 100mm macro lens (definitely my fave bit of glass!)

Out To Grass

An old tractor left after a tractor meet.

The Butterfly

A butterfly given a little Fractalius magic


An image to remind you of summer, with a little focus stacking.

What a Splashing Sunset

Lulu having some fun in the sea.

Fractal tree

An earlier image given a little PS and Fractalius magic

Having Fun

Our Border Collie enjoying himself!


Taken on Friday, only had my baby camera.

January Morning

This morning's dog walk.


A nice frosty morning. Served up with a very faint hint of fractalius :)


Some wintery grass given a little experimentation.

Time for Refraction


Reflections 2


Swan Lake

An orchid with reflection

Catching Snowballs

Our Border Collie having some fun in the snow which finally arrived in the UK!

Snow Scene


Winter Evening

The snow has nearly gone now :(

On the Hunt

More playing with blur, masks, topaz, and my best buddy Jethro pretending to be a wolf :)

Pepsi Colour

Going abstract.. this is a coke drop on top of a dvd.

February Sunset

A very nearly mono shot, I couldn't resist bringing back the sunset colours.


A flower with a little tinting

Storm Clouds on the Horizon

An earlier image revisited but this time in (almost) mono

Come on Dad!

Lulu, our retriever, being a little bit impatient in the Lake District.

Slate Mine

Taken in the Lake District by the side of a slate mine near Chapel Stile

A Place to Live

This must be a lovely place to live! Taken in the UK Lake District

Tarn Hows in Winter

Back to a favourite area of ours, Tarn Hows in the Lake District, this time caught out in a snow shower

Sunset Reflections

A love tree at sunset, we haven't had many of these in the UK recently!

Out of the Mist

Jethro, our Border Collie, enjoying the snow


Another one from the dog walk


A change from Lake district images today! Dew drops on Heather


A view of Lake Windermere in the Lake district, taken from Wansfell.


We haven't had many of these recently where I live, so I made the most of last night's one!

On a Slope

One of my favourite trees - at sunset.


Another image from last week's amazing sunset. Happy Sunday everyone.

Wispy Clouds

Went a little "Off- Piste" to grab this tree at sunset, I'm sure the farmer wont mind too much :)

Hoar Frost

Another hoar frosty image


A pleasant Spring Evening

Chasing the Clouds Home

A lone tree on a Spring evening


Elterwater in the UK Lake District.

Lake Windermere from Wansfell #2

Another image from the top of Wansfell in the Lake District, overlooking the beautiful Lake Windermere.

Queen of the Castle

Lulu, our retriever, showing showing who is top dog! Taken on Wansfell near Ambleside in the Lake District

Enjoying the Moment

Jethro, our Border Collie, enjoying the wind at the top of Wansfell in the UK Lake District

Tarn Hows in the Mist

One of my favourite locations, but you have to be there in the evening or early morning, otherwise there are loads of people! Tarn Hows in the UK Lake District

Easedale Tarn

Near Grasmere in the Lake district, and well worth the climb!


Grasmere in the UK Lake District

“Ewe talkin’ to me?"

I love these Herdwick sheep, they always look very cute, this one just stood there and watched me. Taken near Grasmere in the Lake District

Braunston Canal #2

Another image from Braunston.


Our new puppy, Molly, an 8 week old Border Collie.

Sunset Rapeseed #2

Another image from Thursday night, I made the pixels beg for mercy to get the most out of the sunset :)

Rapeseed Sunset

Had a late evening dog walk last night, the sunset wasn't great but i tried to make the most of it, and Jethro had fun!